Services for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans

Oakley Dodge Sprinter Van Service | East Bay Autohaus

Maintenance Service A

  • Mobil 1 engine oil and filter change
  • Check interior/exterior lights, test horn and winshield wipe/wash functions.
  • Tighten door checks/lubricate door and hood hinges/catches.
  • Inspection tire condition, rotate if applicable. Check/adjust tire pressures and torque wheels.
  • Check and adjust levels of antifreeze, brake, power steering, transmission and washer fluid.
  • Check condition of poly V-belt.
  • Check condition of all hoses.
  • Check condition of brake pads and brake rotors.
  • Inspection of vehicle for leaks: engine, transmission, steering, cooling, and differential.
  • Inspect exhaust system.
  • Road test vehicle.
  • Reset ASSYST maintenance computer.

Maintenance Service B

  • All items under Service A, PLUS:
  • Check headlamp adjustment; correct if necessary.
  • Inspect seat belts for proper operation.
  • Replace wiper blades.
  • Replace climate control dust filter.
  • Perform complete charging system and battery test.
  • Replace fuel filter with water sparator.
  • Glow plug service. (See the bottom of this page for more information on glow plug servicing.)
  • Replace air cleaner element.
  • Adjust parking brake.
  • Check front axle and steering components.
  • Visually check vehicle underbody and driveline.

Brake Fluid Flush

  • Completely evacuate old brake fluid from reservoir.
  • Refill system with fresh fluid and pressure-bleed lines and calipers.
  • Recommended every other year.

Cooling System Service

  • Drain radiator, engine, and heater core of old coolant.
  • Refill system with fresh Mercedes-Benz Antifreeze / Anticorrosion agent, diluted with water to proper strength.
  • In cases where the vehicle is presented to us with coolant of the incorrect type, we will completely flush the cooling system with Mercedes-Benz flushing agent followed by water until completely clean. Only then will we refill the system with fresh Mercedes-Benz Antifreeze / Anticorrosion agent, diluted with water to proper strength. Recommended every five years.

Rotate & Balance Tires

  • Perform computerized spin balance of all four wheels using appropriate wheel weights.
  • Rotate tires upon re-installation.
  • Road test vehicle.

Transmission Service

  • Drain all old fluid from transmission oil pan.
  • Replace transmission oil filter and oil pan gasket.
  • Refill with Mercedes-Benz proprietary transmission fluid.
  • Flush torque converter to remove remaining old fluid.
  • Recommended every 30,000 miles.

Differential Service

  • Drain old lubricant and inspect its condition before disposal.
  • Refill with Lubro-Moly synthetic gear oil.
  • Recommended every 60,000 miles.

Glow Plug Service

In our experience, diesel glow plugs begin to fail in the 50-80,000 mile range. The design of the cylinder head on the twin-cam diesel engines requires that the glow plugs be threaded through long, narrow bores leading to the center of the combustion chambers. Unfortunately, one or more of the glow plugs will likely be seized in its bore by the time it fails. The only way to remove seized glow plugs is to remove the entire cylinder head and then drill them out using a special fixture, and install steel threaded inserts in the head.

Our alternative is to Remove the glow plugs before 50,000 miles, clean their bores with the Mercedes-Benz reamer tool, and reinstall them with anti-seize lubricant. The job can be completed in less than 2 hours and will save you thousands down the road if you expect to keep your Sprinter for the long haul.

Computer Diagnostic Scan

  • Scan all vehicle systems for fault and event codes.
  • Provide printed documentation of results.

Air Conditioning Service

  • Recover all refrigerant in system; record weight of refrigerant removed.
  • Place system under vacuum to check its integrity and prepare for recharge.
  • Refill system with factory-specified quantity of refrigerant.
  • Test for proper operation.

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